Countryside_ Hoi An
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Underlying team skills involved are:
• Use of marketing skills
• Social media skills
• Tourism
• Leadership recognition
• Communication & negotiation skills
• Creativity & resourcefulness
• Synergy & planning
• Orientation skills / map reading

Imagine discovering the World Heritage site of Hoi An whilst participating in a unbelievable team building workshop. Enjoying the superb sights and sounds of this ancient city, but also the company of your colleges outside of the workplace.

The team building is all about showcasing your marketing & social media skills, using your smart phone and your creativity to find the perfect shot. Each team will have to complete 3 challenges: find the “must” have pictures, speedy photo printing and promote Hoi An as Number 1 tourist destination.

  • Half-day program
  • Starting & finishing point: Hoi An
  • Teams to provide own smartphone