The photography

Our goal at Hoi An Events is not only to throw you the ultimate event, wedding or party in Vietnam but to also create lasting memories. Every event deserves a personal touch and needs to be unique in its own special way. This ensures these memories are just as vibrant in five years’ time as they are in five minutes.

To achieve this end we have partnered with some of South East Asia’s most talented and prominent photographers to capture each special moment for you. Our trusted and highly professional photographers are prepared to fully embrace and expand on the brief with their passion for their art.

Should you see any photography on our website you believe would best fit your event, party or wedding, contact us and we will try to ensure they are available for your personal use.

The photographers

Mott Visuals

Mott Visuals

Mott Visuals offers unique coverage for corporate events big and small by photojournalist Justin Mott. Mott is a frequent contributor to the New York Times and has worked on assignments for numerous international publications spanning the globe. He brings his professionalism and enthusiasm to every corporate event he covers. From organizing group and individual portraits to capturing candid moments of your activities and speeches, we are there to document everything. We have multiple photographer packages along with video coverage as well.

Examples of Mott Visual’s work can be found on the following pages:

WEBSITE: www.mottvisuals.com

Etienne Bossot

Etienne Bossot Etienne Bossot is a French photographer who has been living in Hoi An, Vietnam for over 5 years. Etienne bought his first camera about 4 years ago after moving to Vietnam, and since then it has been a strong and passionate love story between him and photography. Etienne is now working on different assignments, commercial work as well as weddings around South East Asia. But his heart remains in Travel photography, which he can enjoy every day while running the Hoi an Photo Tour & Workshop and other photo tours in South East Asia.

Examples of Etienne’s work can be found on the following pages:

WEBSITE: www.etiennebossot.com


Ehrin Macksey
Photographer / Cinematographer

Ehrin Macksey

Ehrin was born in the Netherlands to a Dutch mother and an American father and grew up in the USA. As a teen, his mother took him to the Middle East by accident at the start of the first Gulf War and then to Europe and opened his eyes to the world. After graduating from the University of Florida Ehrin set out to discover more and went to New Zealand where he worked odd jobs and did some commercial film work.
After serendipitously ending up in Southeast Asia, Ehrin was heavily influenced by the people he met and the places he experienced and began to pursue photography seriously as way to share his experiences. It is his privilege to be able to document and visually communicate the life of a person or what an organization does and he is honored to be able to do so as his career.
He has been based in Hanoi, Vietnam since 2006 and has been commissioned by Fortune 500 companies, international and regional magazines and NGOs for a wide range of Vietnam and Southeast Asia photography and videography projects including: commercial, documentary, corporate, portraiture, industrial and editorial. He is also currently represented by Wonderful Machine, Getty Global Assignments and Noi Pictures.

Examples of Ehrin’s work can be found on the following pages:

WEBSITE: www.ehrinmacksey.com